Sturgis Channel

Our Sturgis Channel brings the sights and sounds of the world’s largest motorcycle rally to Network Affiliate sites. The Channel is filled with dynamic content that updates regularly. Schedules, stories, great footage of rides, bikes, bikers, interviews with V-Twin culture celebrities and much, much more.

During the rally itself, in early August, iNK Barrel will broadcast multiple live events. Look for our Sturgis Main Street cam coming soon.

Of course Affiliates have the opportunity to sell local sponsorships and ads into the Channel. We’ve done this for years and we’ve found that Affiliate’s readily find sponsors in their markets for this unique product.

Key points

COST FREE CONTENT: Bring your visitors new reasons to come to your site.

SALES OPPORTUNITIES: Just like traditional broadcast television stations run local ads against network and syndicated programs, each iNK Barrel Affiliate sells ads into ANY rodeo or other Network programming the Affiliate’s site visitor watches. This provides vast new options for the local sales staff and businesses.

MORE THAN JUST LIVE: The iNK Barrel Sturgis Channel handles more than just live broadcasts. The Channel has robust video on demand functions. If an Affiliate has appropriate content, it can post custom clips onto he module.

Click here to see the iNK Barrel Sturgis Channel and browse around it. We know you will like what you see.

(Of course, the Sturgis Channel can be fully integrated with iNK Barrel’s other Channels, so Affiliate site visitors can have a wealth of video offerings.)