Sports Console

Sports console

Our Sports Network provides newspapers with a wealth of live broadcasts to offer site visitors. The Sports Console is a white label solution that is fully customizable and readily embeds on each Affiliate newspaper site. The Console streams broadcasts of locally-produced sports and multiple games from around the country.

Our primary focus is on high school sports but college games and rodeos are also broadcast across the Network. Are there more more opportunities? Yes. And they are limitless. We’ll be adding a wider range of programming to the Network all the time.

To join the Network, each affiliate agrees to shoot its teams’ home games and broadcast them on the Network. This means that each member shoots just a few games but can offer their visitors a robust line-up of games and other events.

Key points

AWAY GAMES: Newspapers in close proximity share broadcasts meaning that each can now show live games – on their site – of their home teams on AWAY games. It brings an exciting and valuable new resource to the Affiliate newspaper. Fans, parents, uncles and aunts that can’t travel to watch the hometown stars now tune in to These away games consistently draw the highest traffic for our Affiliates.

SALES OPPORTUNITIES: Just like traditional broadcast television stations run local ads against network and syndicated programs, each iNK Barrel Affiliate sells ads into ANY GAME or other Network programming the Affiliate’s site visitor watches. This provides vast new options for the local sales staff and businesses.

LEVERAGE YOUR INVESTMENT: Affiliate’s expenses are limited to the games it produces. All the other content on the Network comes to their site cost free. Invest a little, get a lot.


The iNK Barrel Sports Console handles more than just live broadcasts. The Module has robust very video on demand functions. The Module houses archived local games (another feature to sell ads against) and other on-demand content. Affiliates can share this content so that visitors to a single site can view coaches’ interviews from around the state. Different regions have different solutions. iNK Barrel’s platform and product line are flexible and customizable to fit needs as they come up.

And the Console handles, manages more than just video. Customizable features display rosters, schedules, game stories and more.

The chat feature – for live chat during the games – is popular and can be activated or disabled according to the each affiliate’s taste and needs. Importantly the chat room’s ad options offer additional revenue opportunities for the Affiliates.

Click here to see the iNK Barrel Sports Console and browse around it. We know you will like what you see.

(Of course, each Sports Console can be fully integrated with the company’s Rodeo Console, Sturgis Console and others so Affiliate site visitors can have a wealth of video offerings.)