Open Console

Open console

The Open Network provides newspapers with a platform to run live broadcasts, upload clips, and manage the general video needs of the paper. The Open Console is a white label solution that is fully customizable and readily embeds on each Affiliate newspaper site. The Console streams broadcasts of locally-produced content along with syndicated content from around the region and country.

Affiliates can use the Open Console to stream local events including parades, crackerbarrels, interviews, news updates, debates, breaking news, or any other video story of interest.

Key points

COMPREHENSIVE AD PLATFORM: Newspapers have many options to sell advertising against the video content. Live as well as clips can be paired with advertising campaigns that give an array of options to the paper and the advertiser. The platform supports all sorts of banner ads, overlay ads, interstitial ads, watermarks, and other popular ad formats.

SALES OPPORTUNITIES: Just like traditional broadcast television stations run local ads against network and syndicated programs, each iNK Barrel Affiliate sells ads into any local programming or other Network programming the Affiliate’s site visitor watches. This provides vast new options for the local sales staff and businesses.

LEVERAGE YOUR INVESTMENT: Affiliate’s expenses are limited to the content it produces. All the other content on the Network comes to their site cost free. Invest a little, get a lot.

The iNK Barrel Open Console handles more than just live broadcasts. The console has robust very video on demand functions. The console houses archived local events (another feature to sell ads against) and other on-demand content. Affiliates can share this content so that visitors to a single site can view clips from around the state. Different regions have different solutions. iNK Barrel’s platform and product line are flexible and customizable to fit needs as they come up.

Click here to see the iNK Barrel Open Console and browse around it. We know you will like what you see.

You may extend the Open Console to include all of your newspaper video. As always, you can also use the console to pick and choose from a wide variety of programming that is made available to you through syndicated channels.