iNK Barrel has 3 great new upgrades

Wirecast is in the house!

The iNK Barrel Video platform is now integrated with the industry’s leading live
stream production software — Telestream’s Wirecast.

The new iNK Barrel Wirecast Play
system lets producers add polish and
professionalism to their broadcasts with
powerful new live production
capabilities … and it makes the
process much easier at the same time.

With the new integration, producers can
switch between live and on-demand
clips, add graphics and separate audio
feeds or still pictures. And that’s just
the tip of the iceberg. Depending on the
level of iNK Barrel Wirecast Play you
choose, you can add multiple cameras
to your productions.

Plus, the integrated iNK Barrel Wirecast encoder makes it a snap to start a
stream and the system works with the streaming world’s widest array of cameras
and input devices.

Put yourself in the director’s chair — today!

Try a free demo: Click here for Windows, here for Mac
Click here for a step-by-step guide to using iNK Barrel Wirecast Play
Click here to learn more about Wirecast

Auto archiving launched

Now you can automatically save a game for on-demand viewing by checking a
box on the Admin Panel.

Just click the Auto Archiving box when you schedule a live broadcast and after
the game or event an archived file will appear in the Manage VOD queue in the
Admin panel. From there assign it to the channel and playlist you want. Simple.

Deliver live streams to mobile devices

Now you can send your iNK
Barrel live broadcasts to viewers
on the go. Our new dual
transcoders can simultaneously
create a Flash stream for the Web
and an H264 stream for iOS and
Android devices. This is a great
way to capture mobile traffic.
Note: The live mobile streams do
carry an extra fee of $20 per

Here’s how to use the new features

First contact us and request activation of the new tools.
Then, after scheduling a live event in the Admin Panel click the Advanced tab.

Once there you will see check boxes for the two options.

Check one or both of the features, hit Save Changes and off you go!
Comments? Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at